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Dealing with death is never easy. Whether you are planning a service for a loved one who has passed, one who is nearing the end, or you are facing the end of your life, Snouffer Funeral Home has many options available for beautiful, respectful services. We provide a space for friends and family to gather, grieve, and comfort one another. If you need a funeral home in Zanesville, OH, we will do our utmost to honor your loved one. Contact us today for more information.

The Difference Is Service

When you’re grieving, you’ll be faced with many questions. One of the first among these will be funeral arrangements. With so much on your mind, and so little time to get things organized, planning a memorial can be overwhelming. Having a grief partner that treats you like family will make all the difference in the world, and that’s where we come in. Snouffer Funeral Home is a locally-owned and-operated funeral home providing funeral, memorial, burial, and cremation services.

Funeral Service

Funerals are a special time for loved ones to come together for comfort and remembrance. Available for burial and cremation, funeral services are a fitting way to honor your loved one. We do our best to meet cultural and religious traditions.

Memorial Service

Much like a funeral, this is an opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one. Memorial services can be held days or even weeks after they have passed on, with or without a coffin or urn present. The importance of a memorial service is in providing family and friends the opportunity to gather and grieve together.

Burial Service

Traditional casket burial offers numerous options. You can choose from an immediate burial without a public service, a visitation, viewing, or wake with a closed or open casket. Some opt for a funeral service at our funeral home, a church, a private residence, or a graveside. Burial services allow you to pay your respects in the manner you deem most fitting.


Cremation is an increasingly popular option due to its flexibility. You can hold a traditional service before or after cremation. You can also conduct a memorial at any time, with or without the urn. Some individuals keep the urn, while others scatter the ashes or have the urn buried. We also provide cremation for beloved pets.

Our Other Services Include: 

  • Pre-planning Services
  • Veteran Services 
  • Grief Support 
  • Vital ICE

We Are Here For You

We are here to support you in this difficult time. From a grand funeral to a simple cremation, we help you lay your loved to rest. If you need to plan a funeral, memorial, burial, or request cremation services, contact us today at (740) 450-8000.

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